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What is Playground Surfacing?
Playground surfacing is simply what you run on and what softens your trips and falls while on playground equipment.  In years past playgrounds have used mulch and wood chips to cushion these trips and falls of kids at play. However, over time those materials degrade requiring continued investment.  And we all know how uncomfortable it is to have a piece of mulch stuck in your shoe or sandal! 
In recent years companies have developed surfacing using post consumer recycled rubber to create a cushion like surface.
Which would you rather run on or roll onto with a wheelchair, walker, stroller, or other mobility assistive device?
Poured in Place Surfacing is ADA compliant which would make our playground accessible to ALL children and families.
ADA compliant per ASTM F-1951 for playground surface accessibility
Safe for ALL kids!

This surfacing has been tested rigorously for it's safety from falls and is ADA compliant.  This means all children, even those using mobility assistant devices, can navigate the playground
IPEMA certified: meets critical fall heights up to 13 feet per ASTM F-1292
ADA compliant per ASTM F-1951 for playground surface accessibility

We have several ADA compliant playground structures and features such as our Merry Go Round, fire truck, sensory obstacle course, mirror maze Stepney Depot train, as well as numerous ADA compliant swings.

Poured in Place Surfacing would allow for easy access to all features.
Monroe rendering WORD-PPT.jpg
Enviromentally Friendly!

The base layer of Poured in Place Surfacing is made of 100% post-consumer recycled SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) and polyurethane and a top surface consisting of recycled post-industrial EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber or TPV Granule and aromatic or aliphatic urethane binder
Long Lasting!

Poured in Place Surfacing boasts an impressive 10 year lifespan warranty! Compared to wood chips and mulch which must replaced every year or two with constant removal of old degraded organic material as well.
The Look!

Poured in Place Surfacing is by far a more appealing look to playgrounds.  Coming in a variety of color, it can make your playground stand out as well as incorporate design elements within the surfacing itself
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