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This chin up bar will be used each day by children both small and large to swing on and exercise!  This will help children develop muscle strength, coordination, grip strength, posture as well as imaginative play.


By buying this item you will be adding a great resource to our community's playground and will be given a shout out on social media sites of your donation (if desired.)  You will also receive a certificate for the component(s) you purchased that you can display proudly.  Additionally orders that total over $1000 will qualify your name or company's name to be displayed on a Donor's Board in the qualifying level as described below:


Teammates - $1000 to $2000

Playmakers - $2000 to $5000

Creaky Bridge Captain - $5000 to $8000

Monkey Bar Master - $8000 to $10,000

Design of the donor board is to be determined. 


To maximize your donation please consider donating via check using the "offline payment" option when checking out.  Checks should then be sent within two weeks to: 

PO Box 162

Monroe, CT 06468

Chin-up Bar

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