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The Howler - April 2021

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Welcome to The Howler Newsletter!

This will be a monthly update on all things pertaining to the playground: fundraising, committee searches, celebrations, events, and more.

Take a moment to read, comment, and share!


Help Wanted - Arts and Features

Do you have an eye for design? Find yourself constantly on pinterest finding fun color combos and designs? Do you need an outlet for all your creativity?

Join our Arts and Features Committee!

Have a major input on the style, design, and overall “feel” of the playground.


Fundraising Results

Our March Bingo session was another huge success! We had just shy of 100 bingo cards sold and raised just under $1000!!

Thank you to Intrinsic Health Source for sponsoring the event!

Meanwhile Super Bowl Sunday brought in a good

amount of "dough" with a successful Philly Pretzel and Popcorn sale. We raised just under $1600 worth of salty and sweet treats! We're "knot" kidding!


We have a legen-dairy fundraiser in the works. That's right...We are bringing you a "Cow Plop" event just like the original build team did! Be on the look out for information as we nail down the final details with Guardians Farm in Southbury. "Manure" in for a fun event!

June is the perfect time for family pictures! Image by Jess is sponsoring two playground photo sessions June 5th and 6th. Sign up for a 20 minute photo session with a gallery of a minimum of 10 high quality images. More information in the link below! Might be your last chance to get a family portrait with the old playground!


Sponsor of the Month

Pia Ledina, owner of Turning the Page, raised $350 with a Read Across America fundraiser in her store!

Thank you so much Pia!


Feedback and Information

We want to hear from you!

What events have you liked the most?

What events, items, gatherings would you like to see more of?


Picket Fence Post Fans!

Thank you to all of our Picket Fence Post Fans who have donated! We can't wait to install those pickets on the new playground!

Did you forget to to purchase your picket? Don't worry - you haven't missed your chance yet! Order yours today to have a permanent mark on the new playground!

Here are some of our first picket donations. More names to come next newsletter!

  • Daniel Keene

  • Rebecca Wright

  • Christa Deleo

  • Jeremy Rosenzweig

  • Jodie Driscoll

  • Lori O'Driscoll

  • Jason Maur

  • Jennifer Cristo

  • Pamela Maurer

  • Nina Gagnon

  • Etched Feelings LLC

  • Julie Johnston

  • Jennifer Tewani

  • Ryan Karas

  • Sara Blamey

  • Jennifer Cristo

  • Sopoline Teng

  • Ines Dodge

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