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Cow Plop?

A great way to support our cause, win some money, and get a great story about how you got it!

The more people that play the bigger the jackpot!

Sunday, June 6th
3pm - 6pm
Guardians Farm
99 Bates Rock Rd
Southbury, CT
Come in person or watch online!

Cow Chip Bingo, Cow Plop, Cow Pies -- there's many names to call it but they all mean the same thing!  If the cow poops on your square, you WIN!

Meet Seneca, Penelope, and Tiffany -- three of the cows at Guardians Farm in Southbury.  Farmer Buck feeds them a very healthy diet and they're all ready to plop on YOUR square.

Here's how the contest works:

  • You'll have three different chances to win

  • Each cow will be turned loose one at a time into our Cow Plop Arena (okay it's not so much an arena as it is a fenced area with squares painted in it)

  • The cow will wander around the field eating and doing cow things

  • Our .... ummm .... "plop" observers will keep a close eye on the cow waiting for it to .... "plop"

  • If the cow plops in your square, you win!

  • The more tickets we sell the more you could win so tell your friends!

And here's the rules:

  • Tickets will be on sale until sold out.  There are 840 tickets available.  Cost is $10 each.

  • The winner are awarded as follows:

    • Third Place Round - 3% of ticket sales ($252 assuming sell out)

    • Second Place Round - 5% of ticket sales ($420 assuming sell out)

    • Grand Prize Round - 10% of ticket sales ($840 assuming sell out)​

  • Each square in the grid has a number that corresponds to a ticket.  Although you don't need to be present to win, you must present your ticket to us for verification prior to collecting your winnings.

  • There is no limit as to how many squares each person can purchase, but winners must be 18 or older to receive funds.

  • If no “deposit” is made by the cow after 60 minutes into the round, the winner will be determined by which square the cow’s back left hoof is standing on at the time.

  • If the cow “deposits” on an unsold square winner will be drawn as raffle using your square number as your raffle ticket number

  • If the “deposit” is made on a line, the judge will determine the winning square. 

  • In the event of a tie, the money will be divided evenly.

  • Winner is liable for all taxes

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