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Did you help build the playground in 1992?  We need your help!!

As you know more than anyone else, building a playground is a huge endeavor.  We're trying to recapture the spirit of the 1992 build and prove that lightening can strike twice in Monroe.

Do you have a special memory of helping to build the original playground?  We want to tell your story!

There were over 2,000 volunteers, adults and children, during the original 1992 Community Build...amazing!

We'd like to thank as many of you as possible and celebrate the tremendous impact you've had on countless children and families in our Community...however we don't have a list of everyone who took part in the build.

We'd also like to check out any pictures you may have from that week...of course there were no smart phones in 1992, so these pictures are hard to come by.

Tell Your Original Build Story Below ...

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