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About the Playground

Our Wolfe Park wooden playground was a sight to behold but now our beloved playground has become aged and old.

We're going to rebuild it, shiny and new, check out our design, a new playground starts with YOU!
Monroe schematic WORD-PPT.jpg

Our new playground will be a place for children of all ages and abilities to come together and play.​​

The Tots area at the entrance to the playground is designed for kids under 5 and features dedicated swings, a therapeutic swing, train inspired climbing structure, and benches for parents!

Monroe schematic WORD-PPT.jpg
Monroe schematic WORD-PPT.jpg

The larger part of the playground is the big kids area designed for kids ages 5-12 (don't worry grown ups, you can play too).
It features endless fun with monkey bars, slides, a wobbly rock wall, a pretend fire truck and so much more!

A favorite part of our design is the fact that kids of all abilities can play together.
Our playground surfacing is poured-in-place (similar to a track surface) that a wheelchair can easily be wheeled over.  An accessible merry-go-round is fun for EVERYONE and can safely accommodate wheelchairs, grownups, and kids all at the same time.

Monroe schematic WORD-PPT.jpg
Monroe schematic WORD-PPT.jpg

And parents we have a dedicated area for you too.  An elevated "Parent's Lookout" with great visibility to the tots area and the rest of the playground where you can sit, read, socialize, and hang out while your kids play the day away.

We need your help to make this dream a reality!​
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