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Volunteer Opportunities

We’re actively seeking volunteers to assist in the following areas:

Fundraising Committee

If you are creative and passionate about developing ideas for fundraising and helping our team implement a plan to reach our goals, then this is the Committee for you! 


Community and Corporate Outreach

Do you have a special talent for reaching out to others to help us tell our story?  This team is closely related to both our Communications and our Fundraising Committees but since telling our story to existing Organizations wanting to assist us with our Mission is critical to our success…we’ve given it a place all its own.


Volunteer Development

If you can assist us in recruiting, motivating and organizing volunteers for events, Fundraising activities and for the Community Build of the Playground, then you will be joining one of the most critical areas of our team!


Playground Build Team

Did we mention we have a Playground to build?  All members of our Community, young and young at heart, both highly skilled and highly motivated will critical for our success.  We’re confident that we can BUILD the team that will CONSTRUCT the Playground that will CREATE memories for generations to come.  (When the original playground was built, over 2,000 volunteers took part in this effort so we have big shoes to fill.)


General Volunteers

Unsure of how you can help?  Sign up as a general volunteer and we’ll reach out if an opportunity arises.  Thank you for considering being part of our team!

About You - Please submit one form for each adult (18+) volunteering

Volunteer Areas


Thanks for your help!

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