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Public Park

Does a community build a new playground or does a playground build a new community?

In 1992 hundreds of volunteers came together to build something amazing.  The Kids Kreation playground.

They gave their time, their tools, and their energy to create something new.  That had never been done before in Monroe.  It was an amazing project and an amazing structure that stood for 30 years.  The spirit of the original project and the original playground lives on in the new playground.  It’s designed by the same architects and we’re building it the same way.

As a community.  As a team.  A whole new generation of people that can come to the park, play on the playground, and say, “I helped build that!”

Join us and let’s build this together!

How Can You Help?

People choosing this job should be comfortable using power tools.

18+ years old only

Energetic and patient volunteers in this area will look after and engage with kids 2-9 while their grownups help with the construction site.

For those not as comfortable with power tools but can use hand tools, help with clean up, hold boards etc.

14-17 years old only with signed guardian waiver

We will need a few volunteers to help tend to minor injuries that may occur on site.

Nothing gets done on an empty belly!  These volunteers will help prepare meals, set up, clean up, and stock water, snacks, etc.

Teens are more than happy to help with the build!  We will even be offering bonus volunteer hours!

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