With your help we're setting out to recapture the spirit of the original Kids Kreation build.

With the support of the entire community, thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours were invested in building Kids-Kreation in 1992. It is with great humility and pride that we now set out to rebuild or replace the current structure that has served the families of Monroe for many years. With your help, we can make Kids Kreation something that families will enjoy and value for many years to come.

Dan Keene | Chair


Theresa Oleyar | Co-Chair ​​

Jennifer Cristo | Secretary

Mike Ganino | Treasurer​

Jodie Driscoll | Board Member

Frank Bent | Board Member



The Monroe Playground Foundation was formed in the fall of 2017.  Our mission is to work with Residents, Families and the Town of Monroe to provide our community with a safe and creative playground environment where families can interact and supervise their children at play and help make it a place where generations can come together and create special memories.

Monroe Playground Foundation

PO Box 162

Monroe, CT 06468

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